Whether you are going to be interviewed in front of a camera, doing a live radio interview or sending out a Tweet to your followers, we can help you to step out into the limelight and shine.  Knowing how to communicate with the media is critical – your brands reputation is riding on it.

We can help you to get the best coverage for your brand and ensure that despite being under the heat of the spotlight, you remain calm and optimise the opportunity to get your message across.

Just like any community, social media has protocols that every business needs to understand.  We can provide you with professional training to ensure you engage effectively and appropriately on all the social media platforms.

We believe that being prepared is half the victory.


Mark Shuttleworth’s youth brand HIP2B2 encouraged learners to continue studying maths and science until Grade 12 so as to  open as many career paths to learners as possible. Each year learners from around South Africa wereselected to represent the brand in order to spread and encourage the HIP2B2 message. This often involved conducting interviews with national media. The team of HIP2B2 Ambassadors underwent extensive media training by the  Marvello and Mill team.