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Marvello & Mill distinguish ourselves from our competitors by using “out of the box” thinking.


Marvello & Mill is a strategic communications agency that works across a broad range of media platforms offering a full service portfolio. This includes traditional PR, social media, digital, content creation, crisis communications, brand experience - just to mention a few. So whatever your goals, we’ll work together with you to achieve enhanced reputation, brand awareness, increased sales and much more. To explore more of our capabilities and experience please explore the links below:


Whether you are going to be interviewed in front of a camera, doing a live radio interview or sending out a Tweet to your followers, we can help you to step out into the limelight and shine. Knowing how to communicate with the media is critical – your brands reputation is riding on it.

We can help you to get the best coverage for your brand and ensure that despite being under the heat of the spotlight, you remain calm and optimise the opportunity to get your message across. Just like any community, social media has protocols that every business needs to understand. We can provide you with professional training to ensure you engage effectively and appropriately on all the social media platforms.

We believe that being prepared is half the victory.



We are in the business of creating thought leaders whose opinions can be trusted in their field of expertise to offer credible solutions / ideas and informed comment.

We also network on behalf of clients to help tap into talent from within their industry or where there is an opportunity to partner or work together to grow brand awareness.  We love working with passionate people!



We create experiences that connect brands to their target audience(s) using the power of communication and personal engagement.  This translates to greater brand awareness, possible increase in sales and building brand loyalty.

Brand experiences include (but are in no ways limited to) event marketing, pop up shops, content marketing, sponsorship marketing, public events, exhibitions, festival events and roadshows.  We love putting words into action and when it comes to brand experiences there are no limits.



At Marvello & Mill we undertake the creative work to systematically gather information and knowledge on behalf of our clients so as to devise new strategy or ways of working in the future, applying this new-found knowledge.

We might use the research to create content, confirm facts, reaffirm results from previous work or solve new or existing problems or even develop new behaviour.

We love the quote by Neil Armstrong: “Research is creating new knowledge.” Here here!



Communication is paramount when it comes to change management. We work with clients to facilitate the process from the planning stage all the way through to implementation by using multiple platforms or media to communicate the messages relevant to the situation.

Change comes in many forms and can be anything from a change in leadership to a change in branding to a change in how a business currently operates. We believe in the power of the word and activation.



Every business is vulnerable to crises. Social media has increased this reality tenfold making a crisis communication plan a vital component to any successful marketing strategy.

Marvello & Mill’s crisis expertise were honed in the U.K. and now form an integral part of every campaign we undertake for a client, big or small. We believe that being proactive is the key to success.



The advancement of technology calls upon us all to up skill and stay ahead at all times and no industry escapes from a world that is spinning faster than ever before with 365 social media platforms now in play.

Marvello & Mill works tirelessly with clients to engage on the relevant electronic media platforms that serve their business best and whilst the list is endless include: newsletters, websites, social media etc. We create digital plans that support digital transformation.



We enjoy the challenge of helping clients to navigate and find their way around the wild new world of social media and to use these platforms to engage, share and exchange relevant information to maximise on campaign success, target audiences and improve market leadership.

We have boarded the social media high speed train and there is no going back…



We thrive on creating key messages for clients and disseminating information to key players both within and outside their business.

We execute corporate strategy by developing key messages for a variety of purposes and love the creative skills that this work calls upon to get it right every time. We love to spread the word.


With over twenty years of experience working with the fast paced media industry, both traditional and online, we create a unique strategy for every client to enhance campaign visibility, broaden the brand’s audience and grow credibility long term.

We don’t spin stories.  We create news.


Nowadays it’s not only media that can create content but brands are able to create their own content too which makes them their own publishers so to speak.

We offer our clients audio visual content (video, photography, infographics, radio, podcasts) that they can use across many media platforms – both digitally or in print – to spread their message even further afield and cast their messaging far and wide.  We live in such exciting technological times!


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“Words are how we think; stories are how we link.” Christina Baldwin.

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  • Andrea Nagel

    The Times
    "You've been amazing. John (Hogg) and I were just discussing how you must be the hardest working person in PR."
  • Cathryn Treasure

    "Well done on superb coverage in a very short space of time, at late notice and with other client work on the go." Great to have you on board as always.
  • Melissa Sherwin

    Account Manager, INFESTATION
    “Thank you for making this year so enjoyable, it has been a privilege and a real pleasure working with yourself and Lisa!”
  • Robert Silke

    Robert Silke & Associates
    “ … you're a great big shining star. It's really difficult to package these issues to a general audience and you've done so brilliantly with all of the coverage.”
  • Veli Ngubane

    Chief Creative Officer, AVATAR
    “Marvello and Mill please just start a political party and run for presidency, your efficiency could make us a super power. You have my vote”
  • Y Tsai

    Creative Director, Open Design Festival
    “Marvello and Mill is Cape Town’s best kept secret.”
  • Lynn Horak

    HR Manager Scatec Solar, South Africa
    “I would like to thank you so much for this amazing proposal. Thank you for the meticulous detail and communication, for totally understanding the brief and for being such a wonderful and very important part of “my life” at Scatec Solar. You and your teams work and support is highly valued.”


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